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Prior use of patented invention

Article 68, paragraph 3 of the Italian Industrial Property Code recites as follows: “ Whoever, in the course of twelve months preceding the filing or priority date of the patent application, has used the invention in his enterprise, may continue using it to the extent of the prior use. This right can be transferred only together with the enterprise in…read more →

Trademark opposition procedure in Italy

We are pleased to inform you that, pursuant to Law Decree of May 11, 2011, the trademark opposition procedure provided in Art. 174 of the Industrial Property Code, came into force in Italy as from the 1st July 2011. At last, it is no longer necessary to start a lawsuit to obtain invalidation of a new Italian Trademark application. Every…read more →

Substantive Examination of Italian Patent Applications

In view of the increasing number of inquiries received from our foreign colleagues, associates and clients, we want to explain in detail what is the route followed after filing by an Italian national patent application. A first important difference is when the Applicant is a foreigner and/or a Convention priority is being claimed. In these cases the applications are handled…read more →