C 25 Option of luxury

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Luxury goods are prestigious products whose quality comes not only from  their workmanship but also from style and prestige image of the relevant House, giving them a prestige favour that makes the goods recognizable among the other products. To make most valuable the goods and keep their distinguishing power, the intellectual property portfolio must be protected by taking all the actions required for its protection, even by selective distribution agreements warranting a correct promotion.

«Some people think that luxury is the opposite of poverty. It’s not – luxury is the opposite of vulgarity».

Coco Chanel, an aesthete of modernity and creator of the image of modern woman, had no hesitation in describing her own definition of luxury in this way. But can the same be said today? What exactly does luxury mean now, and in the future? And how is the perception and experience of luxury changing in an ever-more globalised and digital age? These questions have encouraged ClassEditori to assemble a panel of international celebrities to discuss the subject on the basis of their experience and awareness, with the aim of creating a multimedia and multisensory project called C 25 – Options of luxury