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Enforcement of a trademark right in a foreign country is a complex matter.
Only professionals with a deep knowledge of this field and of the laws of the various countries are able to advise about the best strategy to be followed to obtain the desired protection.

We imagine to be contained in the meanings of these words: details, research, curiosity, passion, style, tailoring, experience, perseverance, knowledge, craftsmanship, news, travel and listening.

The details create a group of beauty and uniqueness is made really of hidden parts.
The research needs to go beyond what we already know and to discover new ways.
Curiosity is the fuel of research.
The passion makes curiosity about our one’s craft.
The style makes us to express ourselves in simple and elegant our one’s ideas.
The tailoring is needed to create high-fit clothing.
The experience teaches. It is the basis of the tailoring.
Constancy push us to continue in the right direction.
Knowledge is the result of experiences that are handed from generation to generation.
The craftsmanship is the tendency to make best use of our manual gifts.
The topicality adapt the traditions of classical to modern trends.
Travels increase our knowledge by teaching the traditions of other peoples.
Listening is necessary to share one’s ideas.

Our desire and hope is that we can transfer and spread these values to enthusiastic people who want to share with us this exciting learning experience.


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