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Il Made in Italy rappresenta l’eccellenza produttiva italiana. La valorizzazione dei nostri prodotti passa attraverso una adeguata difesa dal falso. L’unico modo per difendersi è proteggere il patrimonio di Proprietà Intellettuale della propria azienda che racchiude in se’ le caratteristiche di qualità, creatività e stile italiano. Proteggere il proprio segno distintivo è importantissimo.

C.B Made in Italy has been founded in 2010 in Milan by Cecilia Bringheli, with the goal of producing the best handmade, durable  shoes, both for man and woman.

Thanks to the fusion of traditional Italian knowledge and the most modern technologies, C.B. offers a  superior line  of leather and suede slippers, moccasins, ankle boots and boots.

Produced in a small factory in Northern Italy, we provide marvelous handmade quality: from the cutting of the leather to the assembling of every single component, each step contributes to the durability and quality of the goods, all of which are entirely Made in Italy. The production of each pair takes minimum three hours of the craft of our skilled and devoted artisans.

The unique comfort  from the handmade process  provides our  customers with understated effortless attire, redefining  the modern concept of luxury .

C.B. shoes  are intended to be worn night&day, seasonless, perfect for every situation : from the crowded streets of cosmopolitan cities like New York or Tokyo, to the quiet Italian countryside and the glamorous parties in St.Tropez or Capri.

Ultimately, our aim is to provide the basic for your seasonal fashion ,as well as a perfect travel companion, always offering a staple of timeless style.