Intellectual Property Services – Milano

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The mark is the business card for the goods or services of an enterprise.
Any distinctive word, graphic sign, colour, shape, sound may constitute a valid registrable mark and our firm can assist in creating, selecting, searching and registering the marks.


Any invention adapted to solve a technical problem may be patented, provided that it is novel, has an inventive level and industrial applicability. However, Italy is one of the countries providing for the protection of little innovations to existing articles, through the utility model registration.


Italy is one of the countries renowned for creative industrial design. The design registration is an economic and powerful way to protect the form or shape of an article or product or even a component, having an individual character.

Other protective means

Italy is a member country of a number of international agreements protecting software, semiconductor chips, plant varieties and copyright in all its aspects of artistic and/or literary works, musical compositions, graphic arts, engineering or architecture projects and the like.