Intellectual Property Services – Milano

Founded in 1967



IPSER Intellectual Property Services S.r.l. (formerly known as “Riccardi & Co.”) was founded in the year 1967 by Sergio Riccardi, who had established and managed the Milan office of one of the leading Italian patent law firms, and John Dennemeyer, who was then the founder of a multinational group comprising patent law firms in Germany, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, USA, joint ventures in Japan, Spain, Argentina and firms specialized in computerized patent and trademark renewals and trademark searches.

In the year 1987 Franco Zorzoli, who was one of the managers of a very important Italian I.P. group, joined the firm. At the very beginning of the ’80s our office was the first in Italy to develop a fully computerized file management system, linked to the computerized bookkeeping system, which was always constantly improved and updated. In addition to the professional qualifications and the updated technical supports, we are particularly proud of our renowned and well known ethical standard that gives to our clients assurance of reliability, confidentiality and individual care.

In the recent years and to respond to the changing of paradigma we established a reliable network of patent and trademark attorneys, with excellent knowledge of the laws and deep technical background in the major technological fields, assisting the senior partners and increasing the number of professionals working for the office to be able to respond to the rising demand linked to privacy matters , legal tech and new technological fields.

In the year 2009 Barbara Riccardi after several years of internal training inside the firm was admitted to practice as Italian and European Trademark Attorney and appointed as Operative Managing partner of the firm. She also acts as expert in court for criminal proceedings.

All translations into Italian are made in house by professional members and with regard to translations into foreign languages, these either are carried out by said members or are entrusted to our foreign associates so as to attain always the highest level of accuracy.

Proper legal assistance in case of litigation in courts is given by entrusting the lawsuit to the care of trial lawyers specialized in Intellectual Property. In view of the complex juridical Italian system, with courts specialized in IP located in about 20 regional districts, our choice of the lawyer is dictated by the specific circumstances of the case, such as place where the lawsuit must take place, difficulty of the case and its economic value.

Enquiries are normally answered in one day either by facsimile or e-mail. Searches and opinions are effected in few days or even in 24 hours for urgent cases. If required also filings can be promptly effected although the policy of our office is to file close to the deadline for various reasons such as increasing the protective life, leaving time for amendments or last minute abandonments. All documents relating to urgent matters and most filings are sent by air courier and sometimes copy is advanced by e-mail or facsimile.

To look out: We want to underline the fact that unfortunately Italy is a country where the quality of public services is extremely poor, therefore we must emphasize that any correspondence relating to cases having a deadline should be sent us by air courier, facsimile or e-mail and all searches to be conducted on Italian official registers could be defective or not updated. Thus we are not responsible for errors and omissions caused by operations beyond our control.

Our charges are in line with the high standard of our services but in the meantime they are very competitive compared with any other company with the same experience, reliability and level of services.

Our staff will be pleased to answer any question about I.P. in Italy and in the European Union and we have to point out that several foreign colleagues and enterprises with internal legal departments are appointing our firm as main attorneys to prosecute European patent applications and/or European Union trademark applications.

It is our strong belief to be in a position to satisfy your needs for an excellent representation. Please feel free to contact us should you need additional explanations.